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Charity Needs list

For those supporters who enjoy buying items themselves, here are a few suggestions which are always welcome. There are two main events during the year which really need help from our supporters, they are Christmas, when we need lots of small toys which can be added together as stocking fillers. the second is the new school year when we need a LOT of educational supplies.

Educational Items

Education is a large part of what we do, this year we have provided support to over 100 children with their education needs. This is a large drain on our funds and every little helps. Each child we help with education gets a full backpack with books, stationary, uniform, shoes, rain coat/umbrella. We also pay for school fees, school trips and provide a incentive scheme where we provide rice for good attendance. If you think you can help provide any of these items or if you have any questions then do please contact us and let us know how to help.

Health Care and Cleanliness

Health care is an important area of our work as the children are always at a higher risk of infection and dieseses. Malaria and Severe burns are relatively common due to the children's environmental in the slums. We try and prevent as many issues as possible by supplying mosquito protection and give them basic hygeine supplies like soap, toothpaste and monthly pads for the older girls. If something does happen we are here to advice, support and pay for their medical treatment.

Presents and Gifts

Presents might not be as important as the other items in this list, but the joy that the children get by a small present is a joy to watch. We usually give out one or two presents a year. Decembr is the main time when we try and pack, wrap and give out as many presents as possible. Each prsent is usually made up of 6 or 7 smaller items and in the past we have provided over 700 wrapped presents. Although this really depends on the amount of small items that are donated. So please, if you can bring a few small items it will make a huge difference!


Clothes are really useful as the children do get through clothes quite clickly due to their outdoor living and the way the clothes are washed by beating them against a rock and scrubbing down by the local river. If you would like to bring clothes please remember that most of the children are slim so we usually require taller versions of clothes for the age. With the girls it is also important to remember that Indian girls are usually VERY modest and short mini skirts are not really suitable. Long dresses and skirts are ideal, shorts and tshirts for the boys, trousers are also good but narrow waists and long legs preferrable. Children's underwear and Football shirts/shorts are also great things to give.


Please check out the Charity Blog to see how how your donated items are put to use. Supporters can also donate directly to the work we do on our charity donation page.