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Supporting Street and Slum Children

Street Children Photo - Charity Work in India
GOA OUTREACH : My latest project supporting street and slum children in India

For the last 10 years I have been volunteering and working for charity in Goa. The majority of this time was spent with the charity 'Children Walking Tall' which I founded with a friend in 2004. In 2011 at the Trustees request this was passed onto Indian staff to run and manage, however, that did not stop the work I do to help street and slum children in Goa. Where I live there are many small pockets of slums and many of the children have known me for the majority of their lives and continued to come to me for help, often just basic things with health, education or just a bit ofadvice.

I managed to have a few months break but then more and more children came to me for help and asked me to start another charity. Many of the children, parents and supporters continued to ask when I would start again and in the end I decided to start a new formal project which will hopefully grow into a more permanent solution for the children that I have helped over the last couple of years. Do check out the charity blog and I am happy for any support people wish to give.

As well as the charity work I also spend a lot of time helping visitors to Goa with their questions, and am active in forums, and have created a good deal of helpful information on Goa and provide this free of cost. If you're coming on holiday, or if you live here, you can find cheap rate telephone numbers to give to your family in the UK, or check prices before coming. The aim is to provide useful help for anyone who intends to spend time in Goa. Please spend some time and check out the Taxi prices, Restaurant menus and links provided.

Mapping Mapusa Market
Map of Mapusa Market

I am currently working on a map of the Shops in Mapusa Market. It is far from finished but is a great resource so you know the plan of the market as the alleys and bustling stalls can get you turned around.

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