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Christmas Preperations

, Mapusa
Christmas Preparations

We seem to have left the Christmas preparations a little late this year, with very little to use as 'stocking fillers' and also being short of cash for presents we did not know how many presents we could attempt, but thanks to Daz, Caz, Dave and Maggie as well as Emma and John and other supporters we have now got a small collection of items which can be used for the presents. Raj who continues to help the work we do in Goa also gave money which could be used to help buy Christmas presents and stocking fillers.

With just 9 days to go we hope to wrap and distribute at least a few hundred presents this year. Although, at this point not one is wrapped! But with the help of Pat and Kate we have made a good start and have a collection of Christmas bags (the stockings), and at the end of the 2nd day there were over 150 Christmas bags made. If you would like to help in terms of donations of money or actual presents then do please get in touch. We are really after lots of small items. Ideal things are tennis balls, balloons, punch balloons, costume jewellery, hair bobbles, small toy cars etc.

Crossed fingers that everything will be ready in time so that we can bring a smile to lots of children this Christmas.

Posted By : Robert Lyon

Delphine - Baby Steps

, Badem & Mapusa
Delphine - Baby Steps

I connected with another young lady in Goa who also helps slum children. We had been corresponding on Facebook and one of the children near her had an skin infection on her neck and torso. Delphine was very concerned and at first sight it looked really bad with a black sticky substance clinging to her skin. This was in fact an attempt by the family to self medicate using ayurvedic medicine which is often used to treat conditions in the slum. Delphine forwarded me a photo by WhatsApp and the first thing I said was to clean it as I was sure the local medicine would not be helping in the slightest and probably be doing more harm than good. After the infected skin was cleaned it showed a simple bacterial infection. I suggested Delphine bring the Mother and child to Mapusa and see a doctor in the main govt hospital there. Everything was planned for the next morning and we met up at Mapusa court and headed to the relatively newly built government hospital. It was necessary to register a case paper which was easy as the queues had died down and then head to the dermatology section. The young lady doctor recognised me from my last visit and asked about the girl with T.B. I had to reluctantly say she had returned to Ponda without having the final test.

The doctor spoke quite harshly with the mother who joined us stating the ayurvedic should be discontinued and an antibacterial cream and medicine including potassium permanganate is used to clean the crusty pussy wound. A small amount of potassium permanganate was supplied by the hospital for free but the other medicine had to be bought from the local chemist. I was able to offer some gauze for cleaning from my stock at home along with a few clothes, a baby blanket, large soft toy, soap and talcum powder and a few little bits, so the Mother and her child left with a few nice items to take home. Delphine later forwarded me a few photos she had taken while we were out and an update saying the girl was doing much better.

Posted By : Robert Lyon