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Children's Day

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Children's Day

Fourteenth November is a special day for anyone who works with children. It is a day that is tiring but fun. It's Children's Day! There seems to be a day for everything now-a-days and I am sure it's all related to businesses wanting to earn a little more money from card and present sales. Nearly all the others I ignore, but Children's Day is one that is important to me as it gives me an excuse to bring a few smiles to the children's faces.

Today started off with a visit to the local wholesale market to buy a couple hundred oranges which will go towards a goody bag for the children (but in the spirit of Earth day we didn't hand out bags), actually nothing to do with that, we just forgot and didn't realise how much we would end up giving out this year.

Robert was joined this year by Naomi and her son, Brendan who had planned to visit the week before but due to a unforeseen incident involving a toe, they were unable to come and instead rescheduled for Friday the 14th, Children's Day. Naomi and Brendan kindly purchased a host of items to add to the "goody bag" and along with the health packs and special bits and bobs, most of the children received a couple of pieces of fruit, biscuits, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and face wash. 60 children also received fruit juice. Both Naomi and Brendan took part and helped hand out the items in four different areas totalling around 100 children. A quick shout out to 'Guru' the taxi driver who also was a great help. It must have been a little bit like getting thrown in at the deep end as at one of the areas we had to trek through piles of recycling to get to a couple of the families.

It was a good day and the aim of the day was to bring a few smiles, and it did just that. Thanks to everyone who helped during the day and to the wonderful children who are always a joy to help. Happy Children's Day!

A quick extra thank you to Naomi and Brendan for bringing out a few bags of extra goodies for the children, vitamins, toiletries, medicine and toys - Thank you, it all makes a difference!

Posted By : Robert Lyon

The Goenkar Cover Story

, Goa

GOENKAR STORY : Laxmi Khaire, a young writer for the Goenkar got in touch with Robert last month wanting to write a cover story relating to the families I help. She wanted to show middle and uppler class Indians that when they winge about how terrible their lives are, they should step back and consider those living below the poverty line. Here is a scan of her 5 page article in this months Goenkar.   Copyright : Goenkar - The Hello Group

Goenkar, Cover Page
Goenkar, First Page
Goenkar, Second Page
Goenkar, Thrid Page
Goenkar, Fourth Page
Goenkar, Fifth Page
Posted By : Robert Lyon