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For the last 10 years I have been volunteering and working for charity in Goa. The majority of this time was spent with the charity 'Children Walking Tall' which I founded with a friend. In 2011 at the Trustees request this was passed onto Indian staff to run and manage, however, that did not stop the work I do to help street and slum children in Goa. As many of the children in the area where I live have known me for the majority of their lives they continued to come to me for help, often just basic things with health, education or just advice. So the work has never stopped and I continue to this day.

More recently Children and Supporters alike have asked me to start another charity which will enable me to continue to help the children. Further to this end I have created a new project which will hopefully grow into a more permanent solution for the children that I help. At present I keep a blog of the charity work I do on this my personal website, but I will extend it onto a permanent site later this year. Do check out the charity blog and I am happy for any support people wish to give.

Give to charity - Donate to Street Children Charity As well as the charity work I also spend a lot of time helping visitors to Goa with their questions, and am active in forums, and have created a good deal of helpful information on Goa and provide this free of cost. If you're coming on holiday, or if you live here, you can find cheap rate telephone numbers to give to your family in the UK, or check prices before coming. The aim is to provide useful help for anyone who intends to spend time in Goa. Please spend some time and check out the Taxi prices, Restaurant menus and links provided.

Mapping Mapusa MarketI am currently working on a map of the Shops in Mapusa Market. It is far from finished but is a great resource so you know the plan of the market as the alleys and bustling stalls can get you turned around.

For the latest Goa Information then click here.

Street Children in Goa and India

Who is a 'street child

There is no international agreement on the definition of ‘street children’, and the label of ‘street children’ is increasingly recognized by sociologists and anthropologists to be a socially constructed category that in reality does not form a clearly defined, homogeneous population or phenomenon.

Resturaunt Menus

Steak Burger and Chips From Big BananaThere is a great selection of restaurant menus to tantalise your taste buds, I generally frequent the more affordable places as that is all I can afford, but high prices doesn't always mean better food as our selection of menus will prove!

Taxi Price Lists

Taxi Prices in Goa, From Train Stations and The AirportBefore you arrive, you can get an idea of how much local transport might cost. We have taxi price lists (government approved rates) from the only airport in Goa (Dabolim) and also a couple of the main train stations and the rate from the local market town, Mapusa in the north of Goa.

Weather in Goa

To help new visitors and volunteers we have included a detailed history of the weather that can be found in Goa. Click the sunlinks to each month that has details of the last 7 years of data for the selected month. Using this data will enable visitors to choose the ideal time for their visit.

Online C Forms

C Form ApplicationAll foreigners are required to have 'C-Forms' filled in when they stay in a hotel or guest house, for most of us it's not an issue as the hotel fills these in, but if you want to get ahead of the game and sort yours out before reaching Goa then do use our online C-Form generator. Once you have filled in the form and attached a photo, we will return a completed C-Form in PDF format by email, which you can then print and give to your hotel/guest house. This is much easier as these forms are usually required to be done in triplicate.

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A Helping HandA Helping Hand

The last few weeks have been somewhat busy with the number of children we are helping increasing on a daily basis. The current count is around 80, which is way beyond our original expected number of 50, which was in itself, double of what we did last year. Due to this, I was truly thankful for the helping hand of Camille...

Moving on UpMoving on Up

Five of the children that I have helped over the last year received the results of their exams which finally came online yesterday (24 May). These finals began at the end of March and lasted for around two weeks so it has seemed a long wait for the results.

One of the children had spent many afternoons at Roberts...

Kalpana's Visit to the Tree HouseKalpana's Visit to the Tree House

Kalpana is a young girl who is HIV+; sadly both her parents contracted HIV before she was born and passed the disease onto her. Kalpana is now 15 years old and has had a few battles with her condition, but thanks to great care and help from the centre where she lives, has managed to battle through the hard times and...

Preparing For The New School YearPreparing For The New School Year

Last year we helped a modest 25 children with their school items, this year we hope to double that number and have started to source materials, uniforms, bags and stationery.

Bags are always a little problematic as many bags sold locally are poorly made and can last just a few months with some of the children. We...